Connect your Agency to the Public on Broadcastify

Broadcastify provides completely free broadcast services and unlimited listeners for your agency's broadcasts.

Official Feeds are live audio broadcasts provided directly by a public safety agency. Official broadcast feeds are identified with a red star under the feed genre column.

See a complete list of current official feeds here:

Why Connect your Agency using Broadcastify?

Free and unlimited listeners for your all your organization's broadcasts
Official feed providers are permitted to implement up to a 30-minute delay on their feeds
All audio feeds archived for 365 days
Unparalleled broadcast infrastructure that supports millions of listeners
Full online feed management interface which includes real time and historical listener counts and statistics

How to get Started

Submit a Broadcast Application -or- Contact us at
Choose your Broadcast Hardware and Software
Submit a letter to have your feed designated as an official broadcast.

Broadcast Hardware and Software

Professional Class broadcast equipment is provided by Barix.
A completely pre-configured image for the Raspberry Pi is available for download with all broadcast software needed to provide multiple feeds. A complete broadcast hardware appliance can be built for under $100.
Commercial off the Shelf PC and Server streaming software options include:

Questions or Help?

Contact us at - we will be glad to work directly with your agency to get started.